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On-time delivery of Human Hair


Human Hair
We offer tangle free Human Hair which are processed without using any harmful chemicals and the cuticles of the hair are properly aligned so that these can be easily bleached and dyed. The mentioned hair are free from lice and available in various lengths. Our offered range has smooth and uniform texture to render exact look of human hair.
Hair Extensions
Our offered Hair Extensions are an ideal choice for adding length or volume to hair. These can easily be clipped, dyed, ironed and styled in any desired way. The extensions can be easily applied and taken off by a glue tape, clip, adhesive or any other method. Such extensions renders no irritation to the scalp and are skin friendly.
Machine Weft Hair
Be it Summer, Winter, Rainy or any other season, our Machine Weft Hair are ideal for the all round the year application. These can be used by both women and men to either hide their hair related problems or to attempt for a new and stylish look. The mentioned hair can also be used as base for creating line of clip in our hair extensions.
Natural Wavy Hair
Natural Wavy Hair are suitable option to fulfill the desire of having that natural waves in the hair. These are available in various sizes and lengths to render a perfect fit at the scalp. Since The mentioned hair are highly demanded in numerous hair salons by top hair stylist to give their customers the beach ready or celebrity like look.
Virgin Hair
Due to easy application of our offered Virgin Hair, these can be worn in different weather such as summer, winters, monsoon, etc. and are used by numerous ladies, models and celebrities to change their look and opt for a new one. These can easily be clipped, dyed, ironed and styled in any desired way to enhance the personality of the wearer.
Curly Hair
Our rendered Curly Hair not only helps you to hide your hair related issues but define your look. These hair are the best choice for any diva to enhance her look. The mentioned hair are available in different sizes which are free of lice, irritation and itchiness that can be easily used.
Remy Hair
The cuticles of our offered Remy Hair do not tangle and remain intact and aligned in one direction. These hair appear shinier, healthier and smoother in comparison to non-remy hair. This kind of hair are used for creating wigs and hair extensions with higher quality. It is processed without the usage of any harmful chemicals.
Color Hair
Color Hair are available in a number of colors such as black, natural brown, dark brown, etc. Besides these come in different lengths and band sizes for providing a perfect fit and desired style to the wearer. These can be styled in the desired way to get that celebrity like look and add volume to natural hair.
Double Drawn Hair
Our offered Double Drawn Hair are processed in a way so that their fullness remain intact and the split ends are removed by hand instead of machine to obtain the finest quality hair. These are highly demanded by various hair stylists for styling their models for the stage shows, award functions, fashion shows and other events.
Blonde Hair
The Blonde Hair are available in a number of sizes, lengths and styles such as curly, wavy or straight. Such kind of hair are thoroughly processed to remove the split ends and dirt in order to obtain the perfect looking hair. Our offered hair goes well with the people having lighter complexion.
Silk Closure
The length of our Silk Closures are created to give a natural look and the base scalp of our closure appears more real unlike other closures that have pale or white looking base scalp. Such kind of silk closures allow the wearer add volume and get perfect look without leaving any hair out. These are available in different styles such as wavy, straight or curly.
Colored Hair Extension
Our offered Colored Hair Extension are perfect for people especially women who easily want to change their look or get a new and fashionable hairstyle without visiting hair salon. Just like our hair, these are available in various colors, sizes and lengths that can be permed, styled or cut to suit an individual's personal style and taste.
Yaki Hairs
The mentioned hair maintain their actual shine and volume even after bleaching and washing. Being skin friendly in nature our offered Yaki Hair can be used in any kind of weather without worrying about rashes or itchiness. These are processed without using any harmful chemicals and can be easily bleached, coloured and dyed.
Water Wave Wigs
Our provided Water Wave Wigs are highly demanded for their natural sheen and smooth texture. These are perfect for women who desire to have beach ready look with those natural looking waves. The mentioned wigs are easy to use and apply at scalp that renders excellent fit and are ideal be worn at a pool side party, while shopping or hanging out with friends, etc.
Single Donor Wavy Hair
These help the wearer in making a remarkable statement by styling their hair in whatever way they desire. Our offered Single Donor Wavy hair are available in different lengths and scalp sizes to give suitable and exact fit. The mentioned hair are obtained from a single donor and  thoroughly processed to ensure top quality without any split ends.
Silk Frontals
We offer Silk Frontals that not only help in hiding the bald patches but are used by many performers, rock stars and models for creating a specific look. These are tangle free, shinier, have smooth texture and are available in many different styles such as wavy, curly, straight, etc.
Virgin Silk Closures
Our provided Virgin Silk Closure are created in a way that it renders a natural look to the wearer. Unlike other closures these do not possess any white or pale looking base scalp. Moreover, these add depth and volume to the natural hair of the wearer without leaving any hair out.
Lace Frontals
Our Lace Frontals are made by using virgin hair that is not only smooth and soft but can match any weave type. In order to render intact and aligned cuticles, these frontals are not processed in any manner. These are hand tied for providing perfect finish to the wearer to have the desired look.
Brazillian Kinky Hair
We offer Brazilian Curly Hair that are very thick in texture and feel extremely smooth and silky. Being coarse in texture, these can be worn during any season without any worries, the wearer can even change hairstyles frequently. The mentioned hair are usually very dark in color but may contain little shades of brown as well.
Kinky Curly Hair
Our offered Kinky Curl are steamed processed for rendering that perfect curl pattern. The mentioned hair are like a gift for the women who have always desired of having naturally coiled hair. These are very soft, dense and fluffy having curl pattern similar to a pencil's size. Although, these are very dense, yet light weight and can be carried easily for many hours.
Jerry Curly Hair
Jerry Curl hair provide the wearer glossy and loosely curled look. These are well appreciated in fashion and entertainment industry not only by women but men for having different yet stylish and natural look. The mentioned hair are also used by rock stars, models, celebrities, etc. to get a specific personality.
Deep Wave Hair
We offer Deep Wave Hair which is made from natural human hair that are extremely bouncy, smooth and soft. These can be easily styled and are chemically unprocessed to render tangle free and hair which is free from bleach and dyes. The mentioned hair are available in different color shades such as brown, black, blonde, etc.
Mongolian Hair
Mongolian Hair are a perfect blend of Chinese and Indian hair. The mentioned hair are chemically unprocessed and are from a single donor, thus are free from harsh chemicals, bleaches and dyes. These hair are soft, lustrous and are available in many colors from blonde to brown and black. In addition, these also comes in different styles such as straight, wavy and curly.
Malaysian Virgin Hair
Because of the silky texture and excellent sheen rendered by our Malaysian Virgin Hair, these are highly demanded in the fashion and Bollywood industry to give a specific look to the models, show stoppers, celebrities, etc. These are available in many tones which are usually straight but may possess slight waves.
Straight Human Hair
Our rendered Straight Hair are available in fine, thick and medium texture. Apart from offering different textures, this range has mirror like shine for which these are appreciated and highly demanded by several models, celebrities to get those long and straight hair. The wearer can choose from a number of colors and lengths to complete their her look.
Bulk Hair
Our offered Bulk Hair are available in hand tied  and tangle free strands which can be used to make closures, frontal, wigs or hair extensions. 100 percent natural human hair is used make these which are chemically unprocessed which mean these have not been dyed, bleached or treated with any kind of harsh chemicals.
Silk and Lace Closure
These Silk and Lace Closures are available with hand tied strands that easily gets blend with the color of the scalp and can also be customized by bleaching and plucking. The mentioned closures can be installed in the middle or at either side of the ear to have perfect parting and finish.
Straight Fish Net Extension
Straight Fish Net hair extensions are great for creative hairstyles. They give you a complete look and beautiful hair in a snap. There are natural hair colors, fine textures and good luster. Easy to style and maintain, this collection is ideal for global fashion needs. Also, we have cutting-edge pieces, in various lengths and styles. The fish net hair is perfect to achieve an instant, elegant look.
Wavy Fish Net Extension
Wavy Fish Net Hair is great for unique hairstyles. They offer simple, quick and beautiful looks. Designed for easy and perfect styling, this collection is ideal for fashion-forward women. It is outstanding in terms of texture, feel and consistency. The hair extensions instantly provide volume to your hair. They are easy to attach, maintain as well as style.
Fish Net Extensions
Fish Net Extensions are great creations for your hair style needs. They give you a perfect look of full and luscious hair easily. The hair extensions have the ability to transform the look in seconds. We keep up with fashionable pieces, and offer a variety of lengths and textures. We bring quality, affordable as well as unique hair extensions. They last longer and look extraordinary.
Bone Straight Hair
Bone Straight Hair offers the versatility and stunning look. Suited for your styling needs, they are easy, comfortable as well as elegant in nature. The hair adds beautiful & natural luster, and doesn't leave any residue. Also, they are simple to style as well as maintain. The straight hairs are neat & tight, have natural luster, and can be dyed or restyled.
Natural Indian Wavy Hair
Natural Indian Wavy Hair is really versatile, and creates great hair texture. They can be restyled, and are easy to maintain. The hair is great in texture, luster and feel. This collection of Indian hair features natural color and unmatched quality. It can be colored, curled or flat ironed. Also there is no shedding and no synthetic mix.
Blue Line Natural Wavy Hair
Blue Line Natural Wavy Hair is outstanding for your hair-styling needs. The natural full body of the hair makes perfect looks. This hair collection is known for versatility, natural sheen and ease of use. Also, it covers a variety of shades, textures and lengths. Unmatched in quality, our hair can be colored, flat ironed, cut, or curled.
Exclusive Line Natural Wavy Hair
We offer an Exclusive Line of Natural Wavy Hair, which can straighten or curl. They have outstanding permanent look and natural luster. Also the hair offers effortless texture and style. There is a wide range of curl pattern, body, and thickness etc. We keep up with healthy and beautiful hair that gives versatility in styles.
Wefted Malaysian Wave Hair
We offer Wefted Malaysian Wave Hair in various styles and lengths. They are naturally longer, and have more volume. The hair is outstanding for style, fun and elegance. Our collection of the Malaysian wave hair shows world-class quality and exquisite craft. They are natural virgin, tangle free and machine wefted. Also, we keep up with unbeatable price, best service and fast shipping.
Wefted Peruvian Deep Wave Hair
We offer Peruvian Deep Wave Hair, which is machine wefted and authentic human hair. They are excellent in wave pattern, style and volume etc. All our hair pieces are designed for simple use, elegance and versatility. Real color, natural shininess and nice deep wave make the Hair a perfect choice. We ensure 100% virgin and tangle free wave hair.
Wefted Indian Curly Hair
Our Wefted Indian Curly Hair shows a mix of quality, thorough craft and style. We bring an excellent collection of curly hair for beauty-conscious women, globally. Also, we keep up with the concepts of reasonable price, perfect fashion and 100% natural hair. We make sure that the hair is great in terms of texture, shine and softness. They are easy to style as well as maintain.
Wefted Kinky Curly Hair
Our offered Wefted Kinky Curly Hair has great natural textures and blends easily. There is a mix of natural color weaves, unique kinky curl pattern, and full style. The natural hair adds volume and provides a perfect look. Also, they are truly soft, bouncy, and can be styled easily! We keep up with a variety of lengths, curl patterns and styles.
Wefted Brazilian Body Wave Hair
We offer Brazilian Body Wave Hair in several styles, lengths and textures. The human hair is carefully wefted, and fashioned for global market needs. They are of finest quality human hair, strong and beautiful. There is option to cut, curl, straighten or dye the hair. Also, we maintain most natural look and reasonable price to meet your styling needs.
Blonde Lace Closure
These Blonde Lace Closures are available with hand tied strands that easily blends with the color of the scalp over which these are installed. Moreover, these can also be customized accordingly, by bleaching and plucking. The mentioned closures can be installed in the middle or near either side of the ear to have perfect parting and finish.
Blonde Lace Frontal
Our offered range Blonde Lace Frontal is created using virgin hair and are rigorously processed to eliminate split ends or gray hair, if present. The frontal is hand tied for rendering perfect finish while installing at the hair skin to give the wearer the desired appearance. This array is used by various models, rock stars and celebrities to own a specific look.
Brown Lace Closures
Chosen by various celebrities and models, Brown Lace Closures suits best on people with darker skin tones but goes well with other complexions also. The cuticles do not tangle with each other and remain aligned and intact in one direction. Our offered range not only helps in hiding hair loss problems but define the look of the wearer.
Coloured Lace Closures
Colored Lace Closures are perfect for the people, especially women who easily want to change their appearance and get a trendy and new hairstyle without visiting a hair salon. These can be availed in varying lengths, sizes and color shades such as brown, black, blonde, etc. that can be permed, styled or cut to suit an individual's personal style and taste.
360 Frontal
A variety of 360 Frontal Hair Wigs are offered by us in different textures, color, hair style and lengths to meet with the requirements of those facing major hair loss problem or baldness Such kinds of wigs are required by various drama artists and actors also to give themselves different look while performing any act.
Clip Ins
Offered collection of Clip Ins is reckoned for its standard volume and length. Quick and easy to fix, this array of hair extensions is perfect choice to attain new look without damaging ones own hair. These hair extensions are washable and these can be combed.

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